Playing With Words


I have collaborated and written bespoke pieces with many people, from London Fashion Week to the Quakers, and with agencies such as BBH in London and Colenso BBDO in Auckland. For my freelance work in Copywriting I have won both a Gold Pencil Award and a Cannes Bronze and Gold Lion. I also once did a voiceover for Deliveroo, which was surprising for everyone involved. 

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Real #AnchorGoStrong

A poem about smiling. (And a little bit about milk.)

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London Fashion Week: Now in Soho

Coming through the September after I graduated, this was the moment when I knew I could be a full-time poet.

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Deliveroo #HaveMoments TV Ad

Fun fact - it took more takes to say the word 'Deliveroo' correctly than to do the entirety of the rest of the poem.