Playing With Words

Harry And Chris

Despite having the individual names 'Harry' and 'Chris' for our whole lives and playing together for over ten years, it was only a few years ago when we thought of the collective name 'Harry And Chris' and became the nation's favourite Comedy-Rap-Jazz Duo. Since then we have taken four shows up to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and are regularly touring the UK. Clips from our appearances on "The Russell Howard Hour" below. Link to our official website here.

Harry and Chris - End of the World song

Having seen our positive uplifting vibe we were given 48 hours to write a song about the upcoming apocalypse, and I'm pretty sure we single-handedly managed to prevent it.

Harry and Chris - The Fear song

They told me I wasn't allowed to wear my dungarees anymore because I looked like I'd "just got off a bus." First documented use of 'Aloogobiobiwankenobiphobia'.

Harry and Chris - The Christmas Song

Finally a fun one! We pull out all the stops, including hiring a trumpet player who may or may not have ever played the trumpet before.