Playing With Words

TED Talks

To date I have given six solo TEDx talks on my poetry, the power of self-acceptance, and my love of German and Mathematics (plus two as Harry & Chris!), which have been viewed a combined 5 million+ times. My first TEDxExeter talk was chosen to be shared on the main website as 'A Love Poem For Lonely Prime Numbers' and has been translated into 20+ languages.

Grand Slam Poetry Champion | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

My first TEDxExeter talk, where i share the poems '59', 'Paper People' and 'The Sunshine Kid', as well as explaining how i was voted The Best Poet In The World

Harry Baker: The power of self-acceptance

A talk given at TED@StateStreet, where i share the poems 'The Scientist And The Bumblebee' and '22', as well as talk about switching from a career in medicine to a life of poetry.

A poem for pole dancers who can't say no | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

Following the success of my first TEDxExeter talk I was invited back to share a couple of poems from my time at university - 'How I fell in love at Fresher's Fair' and 'Weston-Super-Nightmare'.

Dinosaur love | Harry Baker | TEDxYouth@Hounslow

A talk given at a TEDxYouth event alongside students sharing their own, including the poems '99 Problems but Maths ain't one' and 'Dinosaur Love'.

How learning German taught me the link between maths and poetry | Harry Baker | TEDxVienna

A talk given at TEDxVienna where I share the poem 'Falafellöffel', as well as discussing some of the unexpected joys of learning another language through the lens of a mathematician/poet.

Finding joy through comedy-rap-jazz | Harry Baker & Chris Read | TEDxUniversityofBristol

We had a lot of fun trying to distil what we do (and why) into 15 minutes at my old Uni! If you’ve not seen any Harry And Chris stuff before this is as good an introduction as any - Includes the songs ‘Intro 2’, ‘Simple Times’ and ‘100%’.

Embracing my inner maths nerd | Harry Baker | TEDxHull

I talk about Marathons, Maths, Mums and mmmBullying in my newest TEDx talk in Hull

Songs of hope for the planet | Harry & Chris | TEDxExeter

Our Second TEDx Talk as Harry and Chris brought us back to Exeter! Here we focussed on Environmental issues such as the standards of pandas.