Playing With Words

TED Talks

To date I have given five TEDx talks on my poetry, the power of self-acceptance, and my love of German and Mathematics, which have been viewed a combined 4 million+ times. My first TEDxExeter talk was chosen to be shared on the main website as 'A Love Poem For Lonely Prime Numbers' and has been translated into 20+ languages.

Grand Slam Poetry Champion | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

My first TEDxExeter talk, where i share the poems '59', 'Paper People' and 'The Sunshine Kid', as well as explaining how i was voted The Best Poet In The World

Harry Baker: The power of self-acceptance

A talk given at TED@StateStreet, where i share the poems 'The Scientist And The Bumblebee' and '22', as well as talk about switching from a career in medicine to a life of poetry.

A poem for pole dancers who can't say no | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

Following the success of my first TEDxExeter talk I was invited back to share a couple of poems from my time at university - 'How I fell in love at Fresher's Fair' and 'Weston-Super-Nightmare'.

Dinosaur love | Harry Baker | TEDxYouth@Hounslow

A talk given at a TEDxYouth event alongside students sharing their own, including the poems '99 Problems but Maths ain't one' and 'Dinosaur Love'.

How learning German taught me the link between maths and poetry | Harry Baker | TEDxVienna

A talk given at TEDxVienna where I share the poem 'Falafellöffel', as well as discussing some of the unexpected joys of learning another language through the lens of a mathematician/poet.